Our team combines the perfect blend of experience and youth,
balance of styles and passion for our work.

Our more than extensive experience in the fitting
of offices and libraries shows all of the PASSION
for the work we do,

using our trademark STYLE to do things
with dedication and enthusiasm.

Pilu Calatayud

Pilu contributes the ideas in decoration and helps you so that your office has the perfect balance. Soft and warm tones are its formula to obtain a result to your liking.

Juan Carlos Sacristán

Juan Carlos provides Estarmovil one of the most important parts of any company: the planning of projects, that leg that needs foresight and teamwork.

Laura Taeño

Laura is the most digital face of this scenario: marketing and communication, something fundamental for the good development and operation of any company that wants to succeed today.

Óscar Bonacho

Oscar, the responsible that the web you are visiting now is so beautiful. He is responsible for graphic design and web development, fighting every day with the news that the 3.0 world brings us without warning.

Sento Berlanga

The CEO, in charge of leading the new route of the company through the new direction in Estarmovil.
Motivator, open to new challenges, with strategic vision and with a firm decision to help teams achieve their goals.